Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Time to de-stress

Well according to the hospital the most likely cause of my eye problems is stress. It is as I thought a macular oedema or as it is now known CSR which is commonly caused by stress. It is present in both eyes and there is no treatment except time, even then it will leave some permanent damage. So my aim now is to try and de stress. The problem is that my job requires me to sit in front of a computer screen all day and when half that screen is out of focus it doesn't make for a stress free environment!!

Anyway the best way I know of reducing stress is to garden ( discounting slugs, ground elder, cabbage white butterfly, root fly etc etc) and the weather over the last week has meant I have been able to get lots done.

The first thing I want to so you is my Garlic, these were grown from bulbs brought back form the garlic farm on the Isle of Wright by Sharron's parents.

LinkThe lawn has now had 2 cuts yhis year and will need another one by this weekend unheard of for March normally it would still be to wet to walk on. The flower bed is about 10m wide and about 6m deep to give you an idea of scale.

A lot of the work I have been doing has been preparing the veg patch As you can see I still have a few leeks to harvest. I have now got all my early potatoes in. I have also sown peas, parsnips, shallots, salad leaves , lettuce, radish. In the greenhouse I have got Celeriac, leeks, kale, and beetroot all starting in modules. I am growing carrots in pots again this as this works really well,

I have also been planting out a lot of perenials but I will tell you about them another time.


  1. Glad to hear that you'd be fine soon and I can understand about work and the stress. [sigh] Technology sometimes complicates our lives, doesn't it? But we so can't seem to live without it. [sigh]
    Good luck with your veggies, Gary.

  2. I agree that gardening is a great way to de-stress! I hope your eye problems resolve quickly.

  3. You have been busy in the garden.
    Sorry to hear about your stress related problems, but gardening is good - and so is gentle walking

  4. All one can do is to continue sending good wishes.

    This will sound odd - but the photos of your garden make it look as if it has lots of very good, clean, fresh air in it.

    I hope that is so.

    (I've lived in places that don't . . . fresh air isn't always guarenteed even in rural situations!)

    Keep digging!

    (That ought to be a slogan.)


  5. Lucy, it does have lots of good fresh air and a constantly changing sky. I look out at that view all day from my desk.

    I used to spend a lot of time down your way in a past life (about 20yrs ago!) and love the countryside and coast down there.

  6. That's good. And interesting that you used to spend time in Dorset. Whereabouts?

    And how nice that you can look out at the view from your desk. I can't work in front of a window. If I'm not sat in front of a wall, my mind wanders!


  7. I used to spend a lot of time in Dorset fossil collecting, I did start a PhD in vertebrate paleontology but never finished it (to great regret). I used to hang around,Bridport, Beaminster, Burton Bradstock, and a few other places. I think Dorset is one of the most beautiful places in Britain. Gary

  8. Hi Gary,
    You're garden is looking awesome! I hope you find ways to deal with stress so it doesn't get to your eyes. Be good to yourself, and don't beat up on yourself when you start feeling stressed. Does that make sense. I have experience with beating up on myself for beating up on myself. Prayer helps, too.

    Sue, whose car is sitting in a church parking lot, totally dead, and whose refrigerator is clunking off and on, which means the compressor is going out, and we need a variety of other things fixed on our house, and she forgot all about it until typing this comment


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