Thursday, 26 March 2009

Confused tulips and hardy planting

Tulip 'Praestans fusilier'

Ok this year is getting silly already, I have window boxes full of tulips in flower before most of my daffs have opened, bang goes my plan for a nice succession of colour.

In my last post I said i would tell you about the hardy plants I have been putting in my beds, well here's the list:
  • Condonopsis tangshen
  • Polygonatum striatum
  • Helenium sahins
  • Ratibida pinnata
  • Euphorbia nematocybha
  • Paeonia 'Buckeye blue'
I also still have 11 Penstemons to plant out.

In addition to this lot the seeds in the greenhouse all seem to be coming on well but it will be a few weeks before anything is ready to plant out.

I have also spent a bit of time recutting the edges to the various beds. It is amazing what a difference it makes simply defining the edges.

The picture below was taken from my office window yesterday whilst I was on yet another conference call (yawn!!). The light and the colour of the sky where both fantastic. If you study the picture carefully you will notice a blue carrier bag caught in the branches of our walnut tree. Has anyone got any suggestions as to how to get it down without me killing myself?


  1. A beautiful view from the window and no I have no idea how to get it down! gail

  2. Um, poke it with a very long stick? ;)

  3. I thought of a stick but its about 30 feet up!

  4. Looks like you are going to need some assistance from the wind or a squirrel to get that down. :) Your hardy plant list looks pretty good.

  5. I've heard of 'bottle trees' before, but this 'bag tree' is a new one. :) (Sorry, I know that is no help to getting the bag down!)
    Nice list. I just added polygonatum striatum to my garden this year.

  6. Your tulips remind me of my own tulips that I killed :(. Love the vista from your office window! You're lucky! Ermmm... May be you could you the flower picker? I don't what it's called in English but we in India use a staff with a hook attached to its end to pick flowers and fruits from trees that aren't reachable.

  7. You could call the fire brigade and tell them there's a cat stuck up your tree. You could always say you're colour blind, and didn't realise cats weren't blue...

  8. Your tulips are gorgeous. Yeah Spring!


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