Friday, 12 June 2009

Yesterday was not a good day

Yesterday I had a follow up appointment at my local hospital eye department to assess the progress of my eye condition. The outcome was that the damage it has caused in the left eye will be permanent with little chance of any improvement. My right eye has improved slightly but has still got problems.

As you can imagine this was not what I wanted to hear. Regular readers of this blog will know one of my passions is photography. One of the results of this condition is that I cannot focus through the viewfinder of my Nikon SLR and I have to rely on the autofocus function in the camera, I actually don't know if I have taken an in focus photo until I see it on my computer.

I am sorry if this is a bit self indulgent and I do realise that it could be an awful lot worse, my distance vision still seems OK so I can still drive, but it is so frustrating not being able to do things you used to take for granted and enjoyed doing.