Friday, 13 March 2009

Seed planting and village in bloom update

It's been a really frustrating week with this eye problem. I have real problems reading screens for any length of time so of course everyone has been sending me spreadsheets..grrr!!

Anyway it hasn't stopped me doing some work in the garden. I have been busy planting the first seeds of the year

and have been filling up the greenhouse with seed trays. I like to get started early although in an effort to being green I do not heat the greenhouse so I do have to be selective as to when I sow. I have sown beetroot, kale and celeriac for the veg patch and various flowers for the garden.

Some of the cuttings I took last year are showing signs of life such as these dogwoods.

The greenhouse has also been keeping us supplied with fresh lettuce for the last few weeks.

Last Night we had a meeting of the Village in Bloom committee. We have lots of events coming up in the next few months. The first being tomorrow when I am helping clear one of the ponds in the village, this may be a mistake as we have a pub night tonight! Some of the other things we are doing include an amphibian watching evening, dawn chorus birdwatch, sunflower and marrow growing competitions, a garden fete, along with lots of planting and communal gardening events.