Monday, 9 February 2009

New seeds and old technology

The postman brought me a nice surprise on Saturday, my seeds from the RHS seed share arrived. This is always a lift at this time of year when you find out if you got what you asked for of what substitutes you have got. The next step is to sort out what you need to do with them, unlike seed you buy there are no instructions on the packet, instead you look them up in the Germination guide. This means you end up with piles that need stratication, and piles that need sowing at different times. You also need to look up the varieties and make notes of the size and requirements of the adult plant (assuming they germinate).

They other thing that happened over the weekend was actually due to blogging. One of the things that running my 2 blogs has done is that has has re-kindled my passion for photography. Since we moved I have been so busy with the house etc that I haven't been out taking pictures, as often as I should, and when I have it has been all digital stuff with my Nikon SLR.
Anyway I made a decision yesterday whilst shopping in Cambridge, I bought some 35mmFILM.....remember that?? I have decided to take my lovely Leica M6 out of retirement and prove to myself I can still take real pictures. I know I will end up having to scan the results so I can show them to you and the results aren't instant but what the heck!


  1. I really miss using my film cameras, so am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I particularly love developing my own B&W images, but don't have the darkroom set up yet.

    My RHS seeds from last year are still in the fridge :(

  2. Hi Gary - looking forward to seeing the B&W photos.
    I get seeds from the CGS and Hardy Plant Society and it takes me some time to look them all up and work out their requirements but as I always request plants I dont know I see it as part of my learning experience.

  3. Cool! It's always exciting o sort through your seeds packets. I enjoy it. Will be looking forward for your wonderful photos!

  4. I went for process paid 35mm slide film, I used to have a darkroom, 2 enlargers inc a 4"x 5". Still got the camera but the enlargers had to go when we moved, broke my heart, couldn't even give them away!

  5. You retired a Leica! Isn't that the Mercedes of the camera world! LOL

    I have a Minolta SLR which i got for christmas many years ago. Love that camera. Finally took a black and white photography class a few years ago. Really helped me!

  6. I did retire it, but wouldn't part with it! The lens quality is fantastic. I would like to get the M8 digital version that would take the same lenses but at about £3000 or $6000 maybe not just yet.

  7. I miss developing my own black and whites too!

    My phone takes black and white (in theory) but hardly any of them come out as I want.

    If you are getting your photos developed in a shop - you should be able to get them to put them on a disc, then you won't have the problems of scanning.

    (If you can find a shop or send-away that does black and white well - I've never found one. I'm not sure if it's because they don't understand black and white or because they don't care for it. And I'm amazed how much they lop off the edges - which spoils everything.)



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