Tuesday, 3 February 2009

What a difference a day makes.

Well I spent all weekend working on the kitchen and I think we are finally getting towards the end of it!

The sink is all plumbed in and working, the worktops are in place and most of the painting is done. All that remains to do is finishing off the trim, painting window frames and replacing a pane of faded plastic (why did they do that!!) in the window with glass.

Well after yesterdays snow (it was quite light around here) today is the day of the deep freeze. All the hard surfaces outside are sheet ice, glinting in the sunshine. The weather forecasts are a little vague as to what we should expect today but my barometer is settled between Rain and Change so maybe we will get more snow later.

I just watched a fox resplendent in it's thick winter coat crossing the fields. Sadly it ws to far away for a photograph but I watched it foraging through the binoculars I keep on my desk.