Thursday, 1 October 2015

Autumnal Tints

Despite the lovely late summer weather we have been having I have done very little in the garden. Not because I am getting lazy, but because we have been decorating the outside of the house. Of course the garden carries on and things like my grapes are ripening nicely.

I did fire up the brush cutter at he weekend to start clearing the aera at the end of the garden where I plan to site the bee hives next year. I need to get the area clear as I plan to erect a fence around it to keep the dogs away from the bees.

On the subject of bees, yesterday I went down to the alpine house to plant up some crocus bulbs I had ordered. The noise in there was amazing from the buzzing of the bees on the ivy hedge next to it.

I went down to the garden centre yesterday to buy some small  terracotta pots for the crocus bulbs, guess what they didn't have any! How can a garden centre not have any flowerpots, I would have been ok if I had wanted a terracotta pumpkin, Christmas decorations or a large model Elephant, but no flowerpots.

The fields and hedgerows around the village are looking really lovely in their autumnal tints. The other morning I saw 3 Buzzards circling low over one of the fields I am not sure if it was an adult and 2 juveniles or 3 adults as I was driving and couldn't stop to look at them. The swallows and swifts have gone now and the Fieldfares and Redwings will be arriving soon, I love this time of year with all the changes that are going on. In the garden it is the time of year when I can make the most radical changes and plan for the next year.

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