Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A frosty Wednesday

Woke up to a bright frosty morning , grabbed camera and thought I would share these.





Grass panicles

Willow and bench

I love the monochrome tones of this time of year.


  1. super i like ur blog.............

  2. Great photos - I always seem to see these views on my way to work in the car with no camera!

  3. Just one of the benefits of being a homeworker, another is the Bed to Office commute time of 10 sec. G

  4. Beautiful pictures Garry,

  5. Beautiful pictures, I especially like the one of the Ivy.

  6. I've wanted to stop the car several times this week on my way to work and take photos but I'm usually short of time. You get great light some mornings just after 7am its a shame that I'm driving the A505. I love your photos.

  7. Great pictures Gary :) We had similar dramatic views over the weekend on the way down to Poole. The fog had become freezing fog as we went over the Downs and we had amazing scenes where the trees were etched in ice.

    Sadly no camera to hand though, so I'll have to make do with my mind's 'camera' :(

  8. The Bulrush picture on an earlier entry was taken after freezing fog, it coats everything so well.

    Didn't think it ever got that cold in Dorset :-))
    Actually I know it does I have been stuck on seafront at West Bay in a Blizzard many years ago (1979 i think).

  9. Gary your pictures are . I want to come sit on that bench and bask in all that beauty.
    Thank you for sharing. Cherry

  10. I'm up past my bed time, but wanted to tell you I enjoyed your pics! It snowed here last night, but did not stick many places. We had 2 fire alarms due to construction at the school I work at, so we had some messy floors today due to the slush the snow created.

  11. Gary, thank you so much for your comment over on my blog. I must tell you that I often look at your blog, because the gentle pace of country life that you describe helps me feel more calm and cheerful in grim moments. So, a double thank-you!

  12. Hi Gary! Excellent photo of Ivy. Looks so unique. I'm sure the life in village is so serene and peaceful!

  13. Oh yes to Hortus! Just great.
    And thank you for faving my blog. good to meet you. Lovely frost photos too.

  14. Not exactly monochrome in your top photo!

    And it makes me feel as if I could put a foot on the sun and press it back down over the horizon if I were to want to!


  15. How very beautiful Gary, great photography!
    Do feel better now, did you drink my special brew?
    Have a great weekend Gary/ Tyra

  16. While others are lamenting winter (myself included sometimes), I like your attitude of finding beauty in the monochrome tones of winter. Thanks for the refreshing point of view. The community spirit of your blog is heartwarming. As is a man who announces he is happily married.
    Life is good,


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