Monday, 30 March 2009

Thank you

Rose 'Bobby James' against potting shed window.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments about my eye problems they are appreciated. Justas a quick update, there has been very litle change but I have instigated a stress management policy, with the agreement of my boss I am taking longer breaks during he day. I have also created my own quiet space where I can go and chill out (the potting shed). Nice long dog walks also help.

I spent yesterday doing things in the garden. I planted out some Beetroot I had raised in modules having first redug and composted the beds. I am really pleased with my compost this year it is lovely and rich and really friable.

I also managed to get all my penstemons planted out as well as 3 dahilia's that I got in the market in St Ives. It's possibly a bit early for them but you have to take the odd risk don't you.
I am really looking forward to seeing my result in the garden this year as I have been having a compleate change in the beds this year. having used a lot of annuals over the last couple of years I am now trying to establish a more permanent planting scheme.

My Rhubarb is growing like mad, I made a lovely crumble last night and Sharron took a bundle into work today to give away to the poor under nourished city dwellers she works with! Unfortunatly we only have a small freezer and that still has some of last years in it.


  1. Take it easy, Gary and I hope things continue to improve. There's no chance of Sharron coming to work in my office, is there? That crumble sounds rather delicious.


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