Monday, 16 March 2009

Tee shirt weather.

What a lovely weekend, thy had predicted rain on Saturday but no sign of it and Sunday was even better, I spent the whole day working in the garden in a tee shirt, I do realised that we have now had summer but at least I didn't miss it!!

The lawn had it's first haircut of the year which means my Sunday mornings are now booked for the next 8 months, might see if I can borrow some sheep.

Work has started on the new flowerbed I created to provide turf for my green roof.

The bed is an extension of my existing nursery bed, hence the broccoli. The windmill is there to keep the pigeons off! I have been spliting various existing clumps and transplanting them. To give a bit of structure at the back I have planted some fennel and cardoons.

The penstemons I ordered from Allwoods arrived on Friday, I have planted them up in pots in order to bulk them up a bit before I plant them out in the beds.

I tend to do this as our soil is a very heavy clay and I am still trying to work in as much organic matter as possible, so if I can get the roots breaking out of their root ball into some potting compost it must give them a better chance.

One plant that is very well established is our rhubarb, in the last few weeks it has gone from this

to this

To this

I forgot to take a picture of the rhubarb and ginger tart that I made from it, but I can assure you that it was delicious.

Finally thanks for all the kind comments about the eye problem, still no improvement but have more tests later this week.