Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Well I have finally got round to chitting some seed potatoes. I have decided to just grow first early this year and am trying Accent. They are mean't to be very early and heavy croppers with excellent taste, well we will find out.

I have been suffering with a bad back since Christmas which is not good with the amount of decorating we are doing. Over the weekend I went into a sport shop in Huntingdon and bought a sports back support, or truss as I call it! The difference is amazing, I have still got some pain but it really does help.

Sunday afternoon was really lovely, cold and sunny. We took Boris out for a walk across the fields towards Warboys.

As you can see he really enjoyed himself. There are a lot of nice muddy, smelly ditches to dive in. On the way back he saw a rabbit which he chased straight across a field, pleased to say he didn't catch it , but it was close.


  1. Oh take care of your back first, Gary! Please do attend to it first!
    I love potatoes (who doesn't?) and their flowers, especially!

  2. Yes please do be careful...backs are difficult to make completely better, I know, as I have a bad back myself. And mine was all caused by digging in very difficult clay and rock for years! Enjoy the potatos though, and happy gardening;)

  3. Bad backs are irritating when it's garden planning time. I know I have a ton of mulch to move soon. I'm going to die. I've heard about those back supports. Looks a really good girdle;)


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