Monday, 12 January 2009

A flower for a friend


Normally on a Monday I would be writing on this blog about what I had been doing over the weekend, however today I am not going to.

This morning I spoke to a friend that I had lost contact with about 3 years ago. When they told me what they had been going through for the last couple of years, it made me realise how fortunate I am with the life I have. So I am going to dedicate today's picture (one of my favourites) to them, no names but hopefully they will see this.


  1. I think that's a really nice thing to do. I hope they see it and smile.

  2. The picture shows your love for them. It exudes out of the monitor screen. What a wonderful thing to do!

  3. How very thoughtful Gary. Such a nice and beautiful gesture.


  4. That's such a nice thing to do :)

  5. Hi Gary,
    It is a wonderful gesture, to dedicate a photo to a friend, or at least a photo of a flower that you wish to send them:)
    I admire your photos on both of your blogs whenever I can.
    They are both lovely!


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