Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Ditches, dogs and tree planting

It was a bit warmer here this morning just -1c ! I took Boris out across the still frozen fields which was good as it meant less mud. Why is it dogs want to run along frozen ditches, he at least had more sense than to jump in the stream this morning!

There wasn't a lot of wildlife around today, the odd Pheasant running across the fields, (I think they know it's safer than flying. around here). The one bird you can always rely on in the ditches is the Wren Troglodytes troglodytes with it's tit-tit-tit call speeding up to it's churr alarm call.

One good thing I saw this morning was a newly planted stand of trees around a pond in one of the fields. Neil who owns the land and his brother plant trees every year on New Years day, it has become a bit of a ritual for them now. It's great to see landowners replanting trees to encourage wildlife in this case they are trying to provide habitat around the fields for the Grey Partridge Perdix perdix with I am pleased to say some success.


  1. Not sure of the temperature at the moment but it has just started to snow - not looking good for the journey home!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have lots of interesting photos and info. I see you belong to Blotanical. I usually visit a couple of times a week, but haven't been real active on there lately. Maybe I'll go check out the latest posts now!

  3. I love the idea of planting trees on New Year's Day. It's a great way of investing in the future. I love your picture of a wren, too. People never believe me when I say there's been a wren in every garden I've had. I suppose because wrens are so small, they never notice them.

  4. I noticed your comment about wrens and goldcrests on Victoria's plot at Blotanical and was interested because I'd previously thought wrens (which we have round here too) were the smallest British bird. They must be small!

  5. What great landowners to have around.

    I love wrens - we had a very noisy family of them in the garden last year - they can be heard nearly half a mile away! It looks like the family's not dispersed yet as they were still busying themselves around the conifers yesterday.

    I'm amazed at how positively balmy 0 degrees C has felt today!


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