Thursday, 15 January 2009

January blues

I always find mid January depressing. Financially it is the worst month of the year. The dark mornings and the short afternoons prohibit good walks with the dog without skiving off work (which I would never dream of doing!). The landscape does look lovely when it is frozen but on grey damp days like today with the footpaths turned to wet claggy clay you just want to stay inside and hibernate, even the garden looks dead......or does it?

Actually it is beginning to come to life out there, a quick wander round and I found my Magnolia is in bud.

and poking out from the leaf litter, Anemone ranunculoides it's yellow flowers will soon be brightening up the borders.

Elsewhere the tips of the spring bulbs are breaking through the soil.

So as I sit in my office looking out of the window at grey day outside I know that in a few weeks it will be a mass of colour out there.


  1. Its hard to feel positive at this time of year - I seem to go to work in the dark and come home in the dark which is depressing.

    I have lots of bulbs peaking through the ground so hopefully I will start to enjoy them soon as well.

  2. That's the spirit Gary, before you know it spring will be here tempting us will all her glory & beauty! :)

  3. I am with you on this one Garry - January is the worst! By the way - I like the word claggy too -
    it is so expressive.

  4. It's so cold here that even the trees are shivering. I did see some buds too. They are on my Yoshino cherry.

  5. I had a good poke about today too. There's signs of stirring going on that's for sure. Hurrah!

  6. Magnolia buds! That must be refreshing amidst the cold-everywhere. Anemones looks like little suns.

  7. I read your blog at the end of a rather tough week, and it really cheered me up. I've been wandering round my garden this morning, and I've seen bluebells and daffodils coming up, and I've tidied up the stuff that was totalled by the frost, and the ice has gone on the pond (so no more faffing about with hot saucepans), and the sun is shining and ...hey, I feel much better!

  8. I agree Gary, couldn't we just strike January from the calendar!
    xoxo Tyra

  9. So, it's been about a week since you wrote this post Gary. Are you seeing spring yet?!


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