Monday, 19 January 2009

A ray of sunshine

I thought this picture would brighten up an otherwise dull day, I am looking out of my office window at the sheep in the field beyond the garden. They are wandering around in the rain and wet grass looking very sorry for themselves (it's amazing they don't shrink when they get that wet!)

Well I spent most of the weekend working on the kitchen, we have got the ceiling up, the lighting done and the floor is done and once I have got some paint on the walls I can start to build the units. We had one nasty surprise, we have replaced the 40 amp cooker circuit as the existing one was at least 30yrs old, when it was being swapped over we discovered that it had never been earthed, I think the word lethal just about covers it!

A lot of people have said to us how lucky we are to be living where we do and how nice and quiet it is. Well we were talking about this at 8am on Sunday morning listening to the barrage of gas guns going off in the fields around here. These are bird scarers to keep the pigeons out of the Rape, and Bean crops. They are are long tubes that fill with propane gas which eventually ignite causing a very loud deep bang. The strange thing is you don't often see large flocks of pigeons taking to the air, they are either used to them or not in the fields but in my veg patch eating my brassicas!