Friday, 23 January 2009

A task list for 2009

My Potting shed.

Yesterday as I sat here, bored, in front of my work pc I decided it was time to commit myself to a list of tasks for 2009. These are some of the jobs I want to do out in the garden that will make it more enjoyable for us.

Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Put a green roof on the potting shed, I plan to seed it with wild flowers.
  2. Run power to the potting shed and greenhouse. at the moment I have nowhere to run a propagator.
  3. Clear stable and make it into a garden room/ studio for reading and photography.
  4. Sort out garages for storage and a workshop
  5. Sort out the fruit cage (it a jungle in there!)
  6. Make new benches for the garden
  7. Build a path to the greenhouse and herb garden
  8. Build pergola for small lawn area
  9. Make more bird boxes
  10. Improve wild flower area and make a Beetle bank.
As you can see I intend to be fairly active over the next few months and in case Sharron is reading this, the kitchen. dinning room, etc etc will of course take priority!

So as we go through the year you will be able to see how I get on.