Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday roundup

I bought this poppy 'Louve' at a rare plant fair a few weeks ago. It is always nice when the flower actual matches the picture you saw when you bought it! I will be saving seeds from this one, mind you with all the other poppies in the garden I am sure it won't come true.

My wild flower area is coming on nicely this year, this hogweed has appeared in the middle of the patch. Like most of the umbrelliferae these attract insects such as hoverflies into the garden these in turn predate aphids and other pests.

My Artichokes are doing well, I have always grown these to gice structure in the flower beds rayher than for the kitchen. This year I have so many we are going to eat a few, so we have been looking up recipes.

We have had a really nice suprise this week, we have a couple (maybe 3) tawny owl chicks calling from a tree near the house every night. It is too dark to get a photograph but you can see them sitting along a branch whilst the adults are off hunting.