Thursday, 25 June 2009

Feast week garden competition

This week is feast week in the village, it started on Sunday with Cream teas and the fete held in the garden opposite. We have other events going on all week including the Scarecrow competition (yet to be photographed) and the village garden competition.

This is split into 3 sections Best Front garden, Back garden and Containers. As we don't have a front garden due to the previous owner dumping several tons of pebbles into it and the back garden is still in development I entered the container section.

I have tried to keep the containers fairly simple and symetrical across the front of the house. I have also included one feature item my old wheelbarrow which I have planted with a marrow and a lettuce.

The results aren't announced until the hog roast and Barn dance on Saturday night which sadly I will miss as I will be at Wimbledon.


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  2. Yes, a very pretty house. I find houses that shape very satisfying to look at, like a child's drawing of a house. Good luck with the pots!

  3. What a fun celebration. Good luck with the container contest.

  4. A very lovely house... and the containers look neat and sweet...

    Have a nice day,
    ~ bangchik

  5. You have a beautiful garden. I have had a lot of fun perusing your blog!

  6. Good luck with the contest, Gary. Wonderful flowers and I like the jug-like containers.


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