Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Phew, it's hot out there!

What a lovely few days, although you do wonder if this is the entire summer over in a weekend!
On Sunday we went to the Cambridgeshire show at Wimpole hall, great fun with lots to see. It was a great mix of rural crafts, livestock and ultra modern farming kit all thrown together in a great amateurish way.

Anyway out in the garden everything is starting to flower, here are a few examples.

This is probably my favourite grass, Briza maxima I love the way the panicles dance in the lightest breeze.

I have a small collection of pinks and carnations, this one called Elizabethan dates from the 1700's. Pinks get their name not from the colour but from the ragged edges to the petals that look as if they have been trimmed using pinking shears* (* younger readers may needed to consult Google!).

This dog rose came with the garden and it is one of the earliest to flower. Sadly it's flowering season only lasts a couple of weeks.

I moved it last year to grow through the fence around the veg patch. In it's original place behind a shed it wasn't doing a lot but now given it's head it is growing in the rampant way only a dog rose can.