Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Update Pt2

Harvest started around here in July and due to the weather it is still going on. The picture is a watercolour sketch of the combine in the fields behind the house. I tried to capture the vast amount of dust that it creates. They run day and night when they can, it is quite strange to see the bright lights out in the fields late at night it looks like something out of a Sci Fi film.

The garden at the moment is a real mess, the weather recently has caused havoc. I did manage to get it looking nice for the party in July but the weeks of drought followed by torrential rain has made a real mess. We have had a good crop of apples off our small Discovery tree, but the veg patch has really suffered. I have also had an attack of Botrytis on the Tomatoes in the greenhouse which has been a real pain, I think I helped cause it by over watering the other crops in there and getting the humidity to high, oh well will know better next time!

It has also been a real battle this year trying to get rid of the Red Mite from the hens. Last year we lost 2 birds to Red Mite so I have been really careful this summer, I have been disinfecting the coup about once a week but they keep coming back, my guess is they are coming from the wild birds that have been nesting in the garden.

The other big thing that has been going on in our lives is a joint effort to loose a bit of weight and get fit. To this end I have started cycling again. I used to cycle a lot but I had a couple of accidents which really knocked my confidence. I am now really getting back into it and am trying to get out for a ride of at least 20 miles each weekend and if possible a couple of shorter rides during the week. I have also setup a new blog to record my trips called Travels with the Pink Panther the Pink Panther is what I call the bike!

Life in the village goes on with the usual round of coffee mornings, church suppers etc but I will fill you in on them in the future.

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