Friday, 27 August 2010

Rain, rain go away, come again another day

We have had about 2 days of non stop rain up here in East Anglia, not that we haven't needed it but it is very depressing in what is meant to be the height of summer. Our poor hens have suffered the worst of it, the do have cover but the rain and the mud in their run makes them very bedraggled. I have put down loads of wood shavings to try and improve conditions but really it is only token relief.

I also feel sorry for some of the farmers around here, the weather has been so erratic this year that there are still unharvested fields of wheat out there. At a time when wheat prices are going through the roof it must be a nightmare for them. If they harvest it while it is wet they need to dry it using huge diesel powered driers, this of course not only cuts their profits but is very un-environmentally friendly.

The rain has also stopped me from securing the boundary of the garden for the dogs. They managed to escape earlier in the week through a hedge and fence I thought was secure, quite why you would want to go head first through 2 foot of bramble and hawthorn is quite beyond me but who knows what goes on in a dogs brain? Anyway they have been restricted to the concrete area at the top of the garden since which in fact does also have the advantage of keeping them relatively mud free as well. Hopefully over the weekend I will be able to patch up the escape tunnel.


  1. Miserable when this weather comes too soon to sit inside and eat crumpets.

    I've got left behind. What did you decide as a name for your second dog?


  2. Hi Lucy,

    I am behind with everything as well, my trusty Mac needed to be replaced with something that could hold my photo library!

    The newbie dog is called Cassie and now totally dominates Boris.

    How are things with you, have you sorted camera out?


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