Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A winter walk and discovering a secret landscape.


Once again over the weekend we had snow, I can't remember a winter like this. At least this time it was only a light dusting but it gave a nice excuse to go for a walk accross the fields towards our neighbouring village, Pidley.  This lovely old oak tree stands in one of the fields, I doubt this is the worst winter it has seen or will see. The field in the forground is planted with rape, which would normally be about a foot tall by now but is only forming a slight green carpet on the surface of the soil it being held back so much by the cold.
Also on sunday I discovered this wonderful secret landscape.

It is growing on the roof of our garage. Lovely clumps of moss which are all fruiting at the moment. I never bother clearing it as it not only looks pretty but the birds love digging around in it looking for food.


  1. The moss enlarged is really lovely. Fantastic colours and shapes.


  2. I have moss all over my back garden and the birds love to come pick it out of the planters I have topped off with moss. :D


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