Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sunshine and Flowers... At last!!


What a lovely start to the week, bright sunshine and snowdrops in bloom in the garden. I actually managed to spend half an hour out there chopping down some brambles. It never fails to amaze me everything out there seems to be dormant but the brambles just keep going.

Over the weekend the weather was terrible, There was flooding all around this area, the floodplanes around Huntingdon and St Ives are underwater where the Great Ouse has burst it's banks. The garden was flooded in places.


As you can see the hens decided to keep their feet dry.
We had water coming in through the roof of our utility room which meant putting on my waterproofs, getting up there and doing some repairs, hopefully it is fixed now but we won't know until the next storm.


  1. Hope the storms are over.

    Those snowdrops look very regimental. Perhaps checking on their feet too?


  2. We've got sunshine here today. Fingers crossed it lasts, I'm seriously getting fed up of cold and rain.


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