Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A frosty morning

It's another lovely bright frosty morning here. We have had a few of them in the last week. Needless to say not everyone enjoys them on Monday 9 cars ended up in one ditch near here, yes 9 which says something about the driving style around here! I should add the road is dead straight!

The frosts are great for the garden especially for soft fruit such as Blckcurrent. They need a good cold snap to prompt them mto give a good crop later. The other things that will benefit are the native tree seeds we collected in the autumn to grow on to replant a local hedgerow. These require the cold weather to stimulate germination.

I went over to the gallery that will be hosting the exhibition of my photos in June to discuss how much space I will need. I am really excited about it but also very nervous. I am going to have to print and frame quite a lot of work in the next few months The other thing I need to do is take more photos, I want to do some images of spring flowers, everyday I am checking the garden for anything in bloom.