Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Changing times

It has been  noticable over the last few weeks that the seasons are changing. For a  few weeks I had been letting the chickens after I had taken Sharron down to the station in the morning, now it is light before we leave  and they are fighting to get out.  The other thing I notice at this time of year are the lovely sunrise skies we get here, like the one above which is a view across the fields behind the house. Unfortunately I am normally driving into them on the way back from the station which is not so good!

In the garden the bulbs are poking through and the seeds I planted in my greenhouse raised bed have germinated so hopefully I will have fresh homegrown salad in a few weeks. I am fighting back the urge to start planting things, I have some onion sets sitting on the desk in front of me, but I know its to early to put them out. What I will do in the next few days is to cover the ground with some black polythene to start warming the soil and surpress some of the weeds.  I will also start mulching and digging in compost  in the next  couple of weeks.

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  1. I'll have to think about salads.

    The photo is very lovely.



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