Thursday, 12 November 2009

I'm back. hen's and pots.

Firstly sorry about my absence from the blogosphere for the last couple of weeks, we both had some time off and have been working hard decorating our stairway. Not the easiest of jobs at the best of times as what seems to be a straight forward job never is in an old house. When you remove the wall paper huge lumps of plaster come with it and none of the door lock fittings are standard so you need to file them out to get the new knobs to fit (even the guy in the shop thought they were all standard!) The other interesting problem is how to paint the stairs with paint that takes 18hours to dry when you live with 2 cats and a dog? We did end up with a cat with a cream stripe up her side, quite fetching actually.

This photo shows you one of the problems with keeping hens, She is sitting in one of the planters I use for Blueberries. She has excavated down from the rim, removing the Blueberry in the process to make her own dust jaccuzi. So I have replanted the Blueberry elsewhere and left her with her new spot.

The late warm spell has been good for some of the local farmers allowing the rape to get a good start.

A lot of people object to fields of rape, but one advantage to fields like this one is that it attracts the woodpigeons away from my cabbages. This view is looking back towards the house across the grass fields at the bottom of the garden.


  1. gary, Does it have an unusual fragrance to make folks object? gail

  2. Hi Gail, That's part of it, but also some object to the colour, very bright yellow. Some people are also allergic to the pollen which can cause Hayfever and asthema. From an ecological viewpoint it can be quite chemical intensive as it is sprayed with strong herbicides to kill it prior to harvesting.

  3. She's a hen who knows her mind.

    Other things apart, I love to see fields of rape in flower - uplifting.


  4. That she is, unfortunatly she hasn't started laying yet, one of the others is in moult so she isn't laying either. that just leaves one to supply our breakfast needs!

    I agree about the rape in flower, stunning, Lindseed is lovely as well.


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