Monday, 16 November 2009

Spoils of toil

The 'in bloom' group (soon to be renamed) had designated yesterday morning to finish clearing the beds at the entrance to the village. This is part of a project which I am in charge of to regenerate the area. The major task yesterday was to remove a very large dogwood, we removed one a few weeks ago so I new what we were in for. Anyway it took me 2 hours with a mattock to get it out. Rather than dump it we relocated it at the back of the site behind some silver birches, I thought the winter contrast of the white trunks against the red stems of the dogwood would look good. Whilst I dealt with the dogwood Andy my colleague was clearing one of the herbaceous beds. As you can see from the photograph he removed a lot of plants. This is the barrow load that I rescued. It contains a hebe, several clumps of flag iris and a lot of euphorbia all of which are destined for a new home in my garden. All gardeners enjoy aquiring free plants so you can imagine how I felt taking this load home.

After all the high winds and rain of the last few days the house and garden appear remarkably unscathed. In fact the only damage I know of in the village was a friends flagpole snaped off within the tabernacle (the base of a wooden flagpole), I am please to say plans are already afoot to replace it as it is a bit of a village landmark.