Friday, 13 November 2009

A wet Friday

Greetings from a wet and miserable Cambridgeshire, as you can see the leaves on the Walnut are turning a lovely autumnal hue. The more observant will also see that the blue plastic bag that was stuck in the tree in spring is STILL there, although it is gradually breaking up.

Last evening I went down to London, Sharron was having a leaving drink as she is changing job's so I thought it would be nice to go and meet the members of her old team I hadn't met before. To get to London took about an hour on the train into Kings Cross and then I walked down to The Globe theatre on Bankside next to Tate Modern on the South of the Thames where they were meeting which took about 40 mins. I don't go down to London very often. Since we moved here 3 years ago I had always lived and worked there. Now when I go there I feel depressed, the noise , congestion, and just the taste of air makes me feel so lucky that we live where we do. It is strange how quickly you change, my pace of life has definitely slowed down and I just can't handle all that frenetic rushing about anymore, I just can't see the point.

Anyway when I got to the bar it was really nice to meet her old team and even nicer to find that several of them read this blog. I actually spent most of evening discussing gardening which was great. I was asked for suggestions on veg you can grow in flower borders when your not allowed to expand the veg plot, Swiss Chard for instance. I also suggested Cardoons to someone as an alternative to globe artichokes in a small town garden as they take up a bit less space. It was a lot more fun than the usual " and what do you do ?" conversations you normal get at these events.

Before I went down yesterday I ordered some plants for next year. My shopping list was:

6 x Allium giganteum
75 x Allium aflatuense (purple sensation)
12 x Kniphofia

and free with these come with

30 double daffodils
30 Pinocchio tulips

Which will sort out my spring window boxes

This forward planning is because we are planning a garden party next summer and I want to make sure the garden is going to look fantastic. I have lots of plans for plants I want to get and changes I want to make so watch this space.


  1. Lucky you having a walnut tree. Lovely autumnal picture too! Val

  2. Yes how lucky of you to have a walnut tree & so forward thinking to be order plants so early - very organised. Well done you. Ali

  3. Thanks, we are lucky to have the Walnut and this year we got our best crop of nuts yet.

  4. there is nothing better than ordering plants at this time of year when the weather is foul outside.

  5. I always hope I'll meet another gardener at things like that. It used to be that one ended up in the kitchen at parties, now one ends up discussing the kitchen garden...

  6. Oh, rains always kindle happiness in me. I know that's strange but I love em. It only last year that rains terrified me when our house was filled with water for about an inch, but thanks to our local corporation that this time they fixed the drainage system and I loved the heavy rains. Sure you're busy with growing plants indoors!


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