Thursday, 20 November 2008

Leaf sweeping time

Well it is now worth sweeping up the leaves! This was the state of the walnut tree yesterday. It was a really good year for walnuts this year, the tree was laden with them, however I only got to eat 2!! Squirrels got the lot and not just mine one of the local farmers lost all his as well.

Walnut leaves do not compost well they take a couple of years to break down so I just pile them near the compost heap and forget them.

I have also been pruning back the Buddleja that is growing in the hedge at the bottom of the garden. I normally have problems dragging the branches out of the hedge as they get tangled up in the brambles and hops growing through it. This time I had help, 4 paw drive, Boris our dog decided to help, as I cut he pulled! He was really effective although I did have to collect them up from all across the lawn. Sadly I didn't get any pictures, I will next time.