Friday, 7 November 2008

A not so wet Friday.

When I got up this morning I was greeted with another wet damp morning, this week has been really depressing weather wise. By the time I got back from dropping Sharron at the station the rain had actually stopped and as I settled down in my office with some coffee and toasted crumpets the sun was breaking through.

At this time of year with the sun low in the sky it reflects off the damp leaves bringing out the colours to the best effect. A couple of my favourites are this Dogwood (seen with associated Dog!) which colours up with wonderful reds.

Also this Crocosmia lucifer which I have left in the flower bed, I leave this over the winter not only for the colours but also it looks fantastic with frost on it.

In the late afternoon the low sun picks out the medieval ridge and furrows in the fields at the bottom of the garden. Normally by this time of year there would have been cows grazing these fields but this year they have been left for hay. This has meant that for most of the year barn owls have been hunting in the evenings and if it stays dry I would expect to see them today. They don't hunt in the wet as their plumage becomes waterlogged so after 3 days of rain they will be keen to restock the larder.

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