Thursday, 6 November 2008

Welcome to my blog


Well, welcome to my blog. When we moved to the village just over 2 years ago I promised myself I would set up a blog and finally here it is. The idea is to produce a garden journal and to record other events and observations from around the village. The Garden is about 150 ft long, slightly sloping and is South facing. The soil is a very heavy clay and when we moved apart from the vegetable patch was all lawn.
A short history

The first thing I did in the garden after we moved in was to attack the veg patch. No one had touched it for about 3 years so it was covered in weeds. So a fair bit of digging was needed, but by early Nov 2006 I managed to get some winter veg and garlic planted.

I garden organically although the temptation to nuke the brambles, field buttercup and their associated mates with weedkillers is a difficult one to resist.

Over the first winter I erected an 8 x12 greenhouse and dug a large semicircular flowerbed. At this time I was on a bit of a mission, we were planning to get married in April 07 and I wanted to get some colour into the garden for the wedding and for a party in the garden in July 07. this meant raising lots of annuals and didn't allow a lot of long term planning.

A year or so on I am now beginning to plan and structure the garden with a view to the future.