Monday, 24 November 2008

Sun,wind,hail,sleet,snow,rain and how was your weekend?

I got nice and early on Saturday as I wanted to take the dog for a walk before the advent fayre in the village. It was a lovely morning, bright sunshine but crisp as I walked across the fields. We got home had some breakfast and went round to the church. It was a very good turnout and the coffee and cake stall was doing a roaring trade. I stayed for about an hour but wanted to get back to make the most of the rest of the day in the garden.

The forcast for the rest of the weekend was dismal so I wanted to get quite a few jobs done . one of which was to dig over our herb garden.

As you can see from these before and after shots it needed doing.
When we moved in this area was covered in 4ft high thistles and full of old junk including the gate which was buried under some concrete fence posts.

I also took the chance to tidy up the edges of some of the beds and mow the lawn (hopefully last time this year!). The sky by mid afternoon was looking fantastic (seen here with my Cardoons)

One of the great things about East Anglia are the huge skies.

Overnight the weather broke and when I got up we had a thin dusting of snow

Sadly this turned into sleet and freezing rain. I was mean't to be going to RHS Hyde Hall to see the Chilli festival but my friends who I was meeting and I decided it was not a good day to go walking around a hillside in Essex. So I spent the day lazying reading some gardening magazines.


  1. Hi - we had the same mixed weather this weekend but no snow luckily here in Worcestershire. I think your herb garden looks lovely even without much in it at the moment!!!!

  2. Thanks, It has been very productive this year, Parsley, Tarragon, Angelica, fennel, 3 Mints, sage, curry, horseradish, etc. The problem is the weed seed bank it will take a few years of hand weeding to get on top of them.

  3. Hej Gary, It sound like a rather nice weekend and you did tidy your herb garden. A pity with the Chilli festival. Thank you for your comment on TYRA'S GARDEN WINTER LAND
    Have a great week / Tyra

  4. Fabulous shot of the cardoons against the sky, I love big skies

  5. Well Gary you did have a variety of weather!
    I love the old gate and it shows off so well now.The corner looks so nice.

  6. Have never felt that Constable really made the most of his skies.


  7. Hi Gary,
    I enjoyed looking at your before and after photos. You have a nice area there for an herb garden.


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