Friday, 14 November 2008

A very tired friday

You must excuse me today if I drift off to sleep whilst writing this, I drove down to London last night to see Leonard Cohen at the O2. We didn't get back until about 1.30 which was ok, until the alarm went off at 6.30 this morning. The main thing was the concert was great. Trouble is I have got to go down again tonight to meet some friends for a drink, I hope the bar has a nice quiet corner I can have a doze in!

Anyway I digress, I got some nice responses to the old family picture I put up, so here is another one.

This one shows my great grandfather (2nd from left) at theBeccles Flower show prize giving , we are not sure about the year. I love the clothes, I think we gardners have turned into a scruffy mob these days, standards are slipping! I was told the other day about one of the ladies in the village who used to garden wearing a mink waistcoat (no I don't approve of the fur trade, and this was a long time ago) these days it's all old jeans and tatty tee shirts.

Some Asters and a Chrysanthemum I ordered a while back have turned up, too late to give a display this year but something too look forward to next year. I suppose I had better go and plant them, now where did I put my shirt and tie?


  1. Don't forget your Bowler either!

    How wonderful to have such images of your families past.

  2. I love your header photo, which looks very idyllic. Your photo at the flower show makes me wonder what their gardens looked like. My footwear would definitely not meet the standards.

  3. I don't have any pictures of the garden, I do knowvthat he lived in a small rented house and paid twice the rent of the house next door. The higher rent was to pay for the hothouse I'm the garden. He kept toads in the glasshouse for slug control, he also had racing pigeons and I have the prize he won for beating the Kings pigeons from Sandringham. The prize was a carving knife and fork which you would have thought would have more use to the losing owner!

  4. I love your classic family pics. They're made even better by the fact that they include a look into your family's gardening history. Very cool.

    I also like your Chrysanthemums, even if you don't think they're up to par with those in your family pics. The chipmunks ate my Chrysanthemum plants this year, so yours are light-years beyond mine.


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