Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Autumn sunshine

It's so nice to be sitting in my office looking down a garden in full autumn sunshine. The low light picks out the shapes, colours and structures of the plants so well, such as the willow at the end of the garden.

The warm sunshine also helps bring on the plants in the greenhouse, I am not heating the greenhouse this year, although I might build a geothermal heat pump at some point. i am using it as a large cold frame to start things for next year such as these sweet peas.

I have also got some lettuce in there so hopefully we will have
homegrown salad for Christmas, although judging by their size
at the moment it might be Easter!

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  1. First off I love the header photo of your garden. You have a beautiful view from your office. That grass really reflects the sunlight nicely. Good luck with your greenhouse seedlings. That lettuce will grow fast I bet, mine did. Thanks for stopping by my blog today Gary!


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