Thursday, 6 November 2008

Notes from the Potting Shed

Well a week into November so what is going on in the garden?

The sharp frosts last week have knocked down a lot of the remaining annuals in the garden allowing me to clear the remaining Cosmos from the flower bed. I now have no excuse not to do a bit of digging.

The Veg patch is also showing the signs of autumn. the raspberry canes have all been cut back, The rhubarb has all gone over in the frost and is looking very sorry for itself. We are down to our last outdoor lettuce although I have some more coming on in the greenhouse along with some radish.

The Leeks, Parsnips, and Jerusalem artichokes are all doing well. The Broccoli and Brussels are recovering after a summer of constant attacks by cabbage white butterfly.

I have been planting some broad beans this week. I try to get them started early in the greenhouse and planted out before Christmas, this gives a nice early crop before they get attacked by blackfly. On the downside we live in pigeon central so any young plants need a lot of winter protection.

The Walnut tree by the house is about half way through dropping it's leaves. These are a useful resource for the garden, however they do not breakdown as quickly as other leaves. This year I am going to bag some up in old onion sacks and store them. The rest are going to be piled under the willow at the bottom of the garden where they will not only slowly rot but also make a winter home for hedgehogs.

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  1. hehehe, you garden it´s the dream-garden of all the plant lovers: it looks like if what ever someone does there, it will be soooooo much more to do!!!
    to me that's a lovely thing, and how about you?!


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