Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The view from the roof and Birdwatching made easy.

I am very pleased with this picture, not because its a particularly good picture (it isn't) but because I took it. Anyone who knows me may find that hard to believe as it meant I had to be on top of the scaffolding to do so and ladders are really not my thing. Anyway I decided to go for it as I thought it was to good a chance to miss.

The work on the chimney is progressing really well and the results are looking great.

It is amazing how many bricks go into a chimney, about 350 in this one. We have tried to make it look more in the period of the house than the one it has replaced which was put up in the last 30 years. We know from an old photograph that the original one was actually much taller and was matched by one on the other end of the house which has since been removed (vandalism in my mind!).

Birdwatchers like to tell tales about the hours they spend in a hide waiting form something to appear. Actually all you really need to do is leave you binoculars on the utility room table!


  1. So that's the way to climb up to the rooftop when I don't like ladders! I'll just have to wait for the scaffolding when they are her to build our new roof, nah I don't think I dare. I'll probably never get down again =) That Blackbird have really understood what birdwatching is about "lol"

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  4. So you've conquered your fear of ladders or heights? Congratulations in doing so! Your photo shot isn't bad, you know. How's your chimney now?


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