Monday, 17 May 2010

Major works begin

We had a lovely weekend, I managed to get a lot of weeding done in the flowerbeds on Saturday before going down to London on Saturday evening to celebrate a friend getting his doctorate. Congratulations again Dr Howell, it was a really good evening, seeing lots of friends and making new ones.

We have some major works starting on the house today, The brickwork of the chimney is totally rotten so the whole thing needs to come down and be rebuilt. We are going to use reclaimed local bricks so the result will be more 'original' than the existing one the seems to have been built from a mixture of whatever was laying around! I will feel a lot happier once it is done as every time it has been windy since I have known the state of the brick work I have been scared the whole thing was going to fall down.

We have also got to replace the roof on our utility room as well, the roof we had put on after we moved in has been leaking really badly and was clearly not suitable for the job. We have bitten the bullet and decided to start again, once it is done we will have to decorate the utility room due to the water damage to the ceiling.

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