Thursday, 2 April 2009

Small is beautiful

Tortula muralis

This lovely little moss is growing on the wall outside the front door, it is very common but also very beautiful.

Ok, as you will see from the comments on my last post you shouldn't use cat litter in your compost. I actually only use my compost on my flower beds to try a breakdown the clay. I use well rotted stable manure ( I have a very good source) on the veg patch.

Spring is really here now and I am really happy with our spring flower display.

Of course the problem now is how to keep the colour going through the rest of the year.

Is anyone going to the Rare Plant Fair at Evernley Wood gardens on Sunday? I may well have a drive along the A14 to see if there are any bargains or must haves.


  1. Considering our cats bypass the litter/compost route and go straight to the veg patch, I think you're on much safer territory...

    Lovely moss photo,

  2. That mos structure looks cool, Gary and the front of your home looks awesome! How I'd love to have tulips too! I'd have wanted some other color in between too. Just my view, but all yellow looks neat, all the same.

  3. Umm I wasn't going to mention the cats in the veg patch, but you are right it's amazing the effect a finely raked seed bed has! When I was at college we were told the best thing to do is pee on your compost heap, on that score I am not admitting or denying anything!

  4. Your home is so adorable. I love it. Someday I want to visit England, Ireland and Scotland. My grammy, Joyce Kelly, was from England. Were parents were Irish and English. I'm sure I have some distant relatives out there some where.

  5. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do ...

  6. I'm glad you've brought notice to that little moss, Gary. I tried wallflowers on my wall and they wouldn't work - but I have lots of tufts of flowering moss like that growing on the mortar between each brick along the top. I think they are very pretty.

    (I also tried wallflowers at the foot of the wall but Buddleia came up instead!)

    By the way, I've mothballed Esther in the Garden and have started Esther's Boring Garden Blog instead.



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