Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Who's Bean and stolen the string?

Well what a lovely weekend for working in the garden. They had predicted rain but none fell until sunday night. I managed to get a fair bit done not least mowing the lawn. I hate mowing the lawn although it always looks good when it's done (for about a day!). A friend of mine in Milton Keynes has astroturfed his, now there's a thought.

Amongst the tasks I completed has been planting my beans out. I like planting beans as it gives me a chance to be creative with bamboo and string.

Many years ago I worked in Bart's medical school in London. There was a retired professor attached to the department who was to say the least frugal. Each year about this time he would turn up in our lab with something that needed wrapping, this would require huge amounts of string (tape was offered but always rejected!). Off he would go really pleased with himself and we would know it was Bean planting time.

As I said the rain held off until Sunday night and yesterday and when it arrived it was really welcome as everywhere has been really parched.

The results are that everything is really coming to life, all the rape fields around the village are in full bloom. Oh to be in England's yellow and pleasant land.


  1. I wish I was in England's yellow and pleasant land!!! Has to be better than our economy here! The fields are beautiful.

  2. Yes, I love the string and poles things. Worth growing annual climbers just for the fun of building supports! My mother used to save the blue hats (to wash up with) and the gloves - likewise. I never really thought about where they came from.

  3. Hi Gary, I think I'd like to swap my plot in urban East London for a rural patch like yours. I love the smell of oilseed rape - reminds me of cycling along country lanes as a child.

  4. Funny, that. I'm the opposite. I like mowing grass but prefer the look of it when it's a bit taller and has daisies.


  5. DP, The economyis not much better here, but at least the fields are looking good.

    EB, Gardeners are the original recyclers, just look at any allotment.

    Martyn, We moved here from South London in 2006, would take a an awful lot to get me back there. I know what you mean about the smell it is lovely, it's also quite amusing when the dog emerges from it bright yellow!

  6. It is almost bean planting time in my garden. I do love the tepee and the string. I shall show my husband. We grow bamboo for plant stakes and I think pole beans would be so nice to plant.
    Thank you for the idea. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your gardens.
    Your photography is very nice...the yellow fields do look beautiful.

  7. I love planting creepers for exact same reason! I love twining them and guiding them in different ways. I should try the beans this year. Thank you for the inspiration, Gary!


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