Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A busy Easter weekend

Well a Bank Holiday weekend and I just couldn't put it off any longer, time to clear out the potting shed! Actually it wasn't too bad mainly old plastic flower pots and empty compost sacks. they were soon sorted and some new shelves put up.

I still need to get power into the shed so I can put a light in there. I also want to use it for some of my close up photography as the other shed that would make a much better studio gets converted into a bar over the summer (not a complete waste I suppose!).

Anyway after a couple of hours work I think it is looking much better. It still wasn't got the smell I associated with garden sheds. When I was a kid in the 60's I used to help my dad on his allotment. There was an allotment hut on the site where you could buy fertilizers etc (most of which have now been hopefully been banned ) The smell of these combined with 30yrs of pipe smoke and wet tweed jackets is the one I remember.

It wasn't just the shed that got cleared out this weekend.
As part of the preparations for the "in Bloom " events a
group of us cleared the Reed Mace out of
one of the village ponds. This plant is really invasive and
will fill the pond choking everything else.

As you can see it was getting quite bad. Anyway as you can see from the second shot Karen, Phil, Peter and I manged to clear most of it leaving the yellow flag iris space to do it's thing over the next few weeks

Easter sunday is a bit of a blur, it started well with an ester egg hunt for the village kids organised by the village hall. This of course meant the bar was open, the village doesn't have a pub so this is always an important event. Anyway lets just say the beer was very good and also cheap.

Whilst at the bar we were invited to go and see some new born lambs by one of our neighbours and also the large pond they are building. So we went up there yesterday. We got there just after one of the lambs was
born which was really nice, we all stood around waiting
for it to take it's first feed. We also saw the new piglets
they have just got, needless to saw it is not a good idea to get too fond of them as they won't be around that long :-((.


  1. Happy Easter, Gary! That sounds like such an idyllic country weekend. I'm very envious of your shed, and intrigued by some of the items in it. What is the thing with the bear on it hanging on the door? And what are those skinny skittle things? They look like juggling clubs.

  2. Hi Victoria, The shinny thing is the spare wheel cover from my old 4x4 (which blew up!) and the thing that look like juggling clubs are in fact juggling clubs. That is my reserve career in times of the credit crunch! Actually its a great way to relax you can't worry about anything else while you are juggling especially the fire clubs.

  3. I think we need to see a picture of you juggling fire clubs...


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