Monday, 20 April 2009

Geraniums and snakes

Geranium phaeum

This lovely little geranium has just come into flower in the garden, now that the spring bulbs are largely going over it is great to see the start of the early summer flowers.

The wildlife in the village has also been picking up over the last few weeks. We have had an influx of Yellowhammers this year, they must be one of the most attractive birds we get in the garden. I always think they look like a sparrow that has been dunked in yellow paint. Sorry about the quality of the picture but it was taken through our kitchen window on a pretty dull morning.

The warm weather last week also stirred up the reptile population, this grass snake was basking next to a neighbours pond, probably feeding on the frogs.

Grass snakes are harmless but they can eject a very smelly liquid at anyone annoying them. Chris whose garden it was in found this out, when he tried putting this one in a bucket while he was waiting for me to get round to his to photograph it.