Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas spirit in the village.

Our house with Christmas lights.

This was our third Christmas in the village and as in the previous years we had decided to spend it together without visitors. We had done all the family visits in the preceding weeks to enable ourselves to have some time alone. Waking on Christmas day is a lovely experience as the village is even quieter than normal, the only sounds are birds and the sound of horses bing led to the fields along the lane.

We took Boris out for his walk about mid morning and saw a couple of the other villagers doing the same and after talking to them we returned for Christmas lunch, this year we opted for a vegetarian meal which was excellent, we did go for roast beef on boxing day mind you.
Boxing day was so nice I even got out and did some gardening in the afternoon.

The social highlight of Christmas was on the 27th when our friends at the farmhouse opposite invited us and a lot of other villagers for a post Christmas drinks party. It was a really enjoyable evening in spite of the heavy cold I had developed over the holiday. The only bad news was that we found out the New Years celebrations at the village hall had been cancelled, never mind within 12 hours we had been invited to 3 New Years parties in the village.. never had that when we lived in London!


  1. It sounds very pleasant!

    Best wishes for 2009.


  2. So glad you had a fine time and an even finer time to come for the New Year. Will you go to all 3 parties though?

    We came back from up North on the 28th. Our neighbours had invited us round to celebrate 10 years of living on the same Close - we had a great time!

  3. It's one thing to live in a village! You get solitude, social people, pollution-free environment! Wow! That's really something one can sacrifice city life for.

  4. Lovely lights.
    Hope you're over your cold in time to celebrate 1, 2, or even 3 celebrations for the New Year.
    All the best in 2009,

  5. What a lovely house you have. Have a fantastic time at all your parties, and may 2009 bloom well for you.


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