Monday, 6 July 2015

Up front gardening

Over the time I have been writing this blog I have barely ever mentioned the front garden. There are several reasons for this, it's small, it's North facing, it has an ugly wall and someone at some point filled it up with pebbles. This weekend I decided to have a go at improving things.

I do have the rose I bought at Hampton court about 5 years ago, a jasmine and a honeysuckle working their way up the house but I need to improve things at ground level.

The first thing I wanted to do was hide the wall. I decided that a row of lavender bushes along the outside would do the trick so of I went to the garden centre knowing this wasn't going to be cheap, wrong, I found that they had reduced a load of plants from £10 each to £3 each so I bought 12.

I planted them along the front of the wall the soil there is quite dry and sandy perfect for lavender and at this time of year it gets the sun in the late afternoon.
I also planted up some hanging baskets with this lovely Fuchsia Carmel blue.
Finally I would like to introduce a new member to the family, Mia (nearest the camera), she is a 9yr old Dogue De Bordeaux that we have rescued. So we now have 3 dogs which means what lawn we do have will probably disappear completely this winter (but I don't care!).


  1. I love the front of your house Gary and the rose against the white paint really sets it all off. Bargain find with the Lavender, I hope it does well there and the job you want it to do.
    Isn't Mia gorgeous, I'll bet she's got you wrapped round her little claw!

  2. She looks an impressive new member to the family. Our lawn suffers from having just one dog!


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