Monday, 28 February 2011

I am back.

Hello everybody, I am back. Its been a few months since my last post on this blog and I am very sorry about that. There has been a lot that has happened over the time I have been away but not a lot of it has been in the garden. The most exciting thing was our trip to New Zealand and Australia all of which we recorded on a holiday blog which you can read at: Ashes tour 2010 we had a fantastic time downunder as you will see from the blog.

Anyway so what has been happening in the garden? Well after what was a very tough few months the first signs of spring are in the air but the winter has taken it's toll. As you can see the lawn has really suffered, a combination of snow, frost and two very large dogs has wrecked, what wasn't actually much of a lawn to start with!

I am sure it will recover over the next couple of months with the help of a couple of bags of grass seed and some hard work.

On the other hand the veg patch is looking good. I dug it all over in the autumn and the cold weather did a great job at breaking most of the lumps up. The whole area gets a liberal supply of organic chicken muck from our organic chickens so hopefully this year should be productive. As you can see the Shallots and Garlic are all in.

As are the broad bean and peas, previously I have started them off early in the greenhouse but as we were away and due to other commitments I totally forgot so I have gone for direct planting this year, hopefully they will do well.

We have already had two pickings of Rhubarb this year and am looking forward to a lot more.

And finally it is always a very welcome sight when we start to get a bit of colour back in the garden, for me it is the incentive that I need to get outside and do some work.


  1. Welcome back, Gary! You certainly picked the right Ashes tournament.

  2. We did, waited 25 years for that! It was a fantastic trip, the gardens in NZ were stunning.


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