Friday, 17 September 2010

If only dogs could climb trees!

This is Cassie on guard duty, she has taken to sitting here for several hours a day. So what is she guarding, the answer is the tree or more accurately the Walnuts. It is actually a two part exercise, part one is to try and deter the squirrels, of course squirrels being squirrels they work 30 feet up and take no notice of her. The second part of her duties come when a nut falls, that is rapidly collected, taken into the living room and broken open, the nut is eaten and the fragments of shell left all over the floor, (not good if you step on them in bare feet). What she doesn't realise is that the season hasn't really started yet, in a week or two there will be more walnuts on the floor than she can imagine, it will be fun to see how she manages and more importantly if she lets me eat any!