Thursday, 16 September 2010


I am always amazed at how fast things change in the fields around here. A couple of weeks ago this field was covered in wheat, now it is all prepared ready for next year.

Last winter was pretty hard and one of the benefits of that usually means bumper crops of hedgerow fruit. The blackberries this year are fantastic and I have been enjoying blackberry and apple crumbles and will be making some jam in the next week.

The haws are doing really well too, which is good news for the birds, the Fieldfare and Redwings will be arriving in the next few weeks and will take full advantage of them.

I am hoping to get back to work in the garden in the next week or so. I want to get the veg patch and herb garden dug over as soon as possible. The problem is finding the time, at the moment I am feeling really trapped by work, you would think that being a homeworker would make it easy to down tools and get outside, in fact the opposite is true. over the last few weeks I have been on conference calls 4-5 hours a day. Much of the time I come away from them feeling totally drained, stressed and trying to catch up with the rest of my work, by the time I finish I am far to tired to do any digging.


  1. Love your signs of Autumn. Just beginning here, but when it does it will be glorious! I enjoyed a sneeak peak of the season from your part of the world.

  2. I could almost have written this post! Our blackberries are the best ever - mega-plentiful and with good flavour . . . the hawthorn trees are plastered with haws and as for sloes . . .


  3. I found your blog and hope to visit often. I figure I can learn a little about "how to" when it comes to photos. Maybe you can tell me a few things about mine. I'm rather new at this blog thing so any suggestions are welcomed. You may enjoy the gardens here along Lake Michigan shores. Still Winter for many weeks to come - oh well. Jack


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