Monday, 29 March 2010

Meet the new arrival


We have a new arrival here, meet Cassie (which may change) she is a 7 month old cross between a Dogue de Bordeux  (French Mastiff) and a Bull mastiff. The young couple who had her couldn't keep her as they had just started a family. We brought her home on Saturdayto start her new life with us.

We were worried about Boris accepting her but as you can see there doesn't seem to be a problem.

I was also quite concerned that she would be stressed out by the move and wouldn't settle in quickly but as you can see she seems to have made herself at home.

Of course somethings are very new to her such as chickens, she real isn't sure what to make of them. Boris of course just finds them mildly annoying  and can't understand what all the excitement is all about.


  1. If she is likely to change her name, a tennis identity would be nice - there are some lovely ones to chose from (and some fun ones too).


  2. I thought the same. The only reason we would change it is that a friend in the village already has a Cassie.

  3. What a darling couple of four-legged "kids." It's great when they get along so well. It wasn't until recent years that we had a second dog and found how how much fun it is for the dogs and for us. - Lois in Cincinnati

  4. How sweet! It does look like she made herself at home. I love it when dogs lay on their backs like that with legs in the air. It's a perfect position for belly scratches. I imagine both dogs are happy to have a doggy friend. We have two large Lab/Golden Retrievers.

  5. hi its rachel, cassie seems really at home with you. adam really misses her still and it hasnt sunk in that shes gone. our son leo has only just realised shes not at home any more. i hope she is behaving well and she seems to have made a great friend in borris and great parents in you. thanks for giving her such a lovely home x

  6. Hi Rachel, Yes she has settled in well, a bit nervous of Boris at first but she has the measure of him now. She has been out running on the fields and met some of the locals. Thank you for letting us have her I will keep posting updates on her.


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