Monday, 11 May 2009


This stunning Meconopsis (cambrica var ?) is always the first to flower in the garden. It's delicate flowers only last 24hrs or so dance around on their tall stems in the prevailing winds that blow across the garden at this time. I love poppies, they have wonderfully untidy flowers.

We had a great weekend. On saturday we held a bar-b-que for some of Sharron's work friends. It was the first time any of them had been here and I think they all enjoyed getting out of London for the day. Hopefully this year we will be having a lot more events in the garden after last summers washout. Boris thought it was a great idea, lots of people to play with and more sausages than he had ever dreamt of!

Yesterday we drove up to Trent Bridge in Nottingham, Sharron had never been to a Cricket match so we went to watch Nottinghamshire play Worcestershire in a one day match. Notts won although Worcs looked the better team on the field, Anyway it was a good match and I am pleased to say Sharron enjoyed it. We are going to watch Northamptonshire vs Australia later in the year which will be fun.


  1. Excellent! As a new cricket fan, I love to hear about more new people discovering it too (even if Worcs did loose - have you ever been to a match there? I haven't but I've been driven past the ground loads of times and the view is amazing (as a £20 note used to show)

    I didn't know you could get orange poppies. Your picture shows the - I was going to say texture of the petals, but I can't imagine touching something so evanescent-looking.

  2. Emily, never been to Edgebaston, been to the oval and lords a few times. Used to enjoy watching village cricket at Mitcham where I used to live, the ground at Headley is nice as well. Gary

  3. gorgeous... Hi Gary, have faved you on my blog! Love your photos!

  4. Thanks Emma, thanks for the fave. Glad you like the photos, I am very pleased with my latest ones. It great when 2 of my passions, gardening and photography work well together.

  5. The poppy is beautiful. I'm amazed anyone enjoys cricket. Even less seems to happen there than in fishing. Round where I live people even set up tents on the beach and fish in the dark . . . I'm rambling off point. The poppy is lovely.



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