Monday, 18 May 2009

A great day in Wimbledon SW19

We had a fantastic weekend, we had arranged a suprise for my my in laws, we had got them tickets for the event at Wimbledon to celebrate the new roof on centre court. The event featured 3 exhibition matches with Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf, Tim Henman and Kim Clijsters.

Of course the star of the day was the new roof, which close without a flaw, a good thing too as in true Wimbledon form it poured with rain all afternoon.

Two other people who enjoyed themselves were my wife Sharron who as you can see was one of the line judges

and Mike, who seemed to make a new friend.

The whole event helped raise money for the players charities and they really seemed to enjoy themselves.


  1. What a wonderful once in a life time opportunity, glad you had such a terrific day.

    Suspect with all the rain we had the new roof got a good testing, although the images look very dark? Maybe they need some lighting too?

  2. Gosh fancy someone being married to a line judge - that's like being married to... I don't know, a much younger Betty Boothroyd maybe! What a lovely present.

  3. There will now have to be a new sport - rolling out the green carpet. Otherwise, the skill of bringing out the covers when it rains will die away and that would be terrible. The organisation, the teamwork, the smooth sliding of the umpire's chair (umpire still aboard) . . . the sheer beauty of it all - well, it simply has to be hung on to. It's part of summer.


  4. The roof did get a good testing. The light was actually really good, just my photos that look dark, they looked ok before I put them online.

    It is fun being married to a line judge. You spend a lot of time trying to spot friends on the TV coverage. We have made friends all around the world as Sharron has done a lot of overseas events.

    They do still need to run the covers out as the roof takes about 8 mins to close. Number 1 court and all the outside courts ill still need them as well.


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