Monday, 25 May 2009

A great weekend.

To me a bank holiday weekend should be relaxed and kind of impromptu but they rarely happen that way. This one has sort of happened that way, but before I explain I want to share this lovely Iris with you.

I have no idea which variety it is as it was already in the garden before we moved in. I love iris's so have split the clump over the last couple of years and transplanted it all around the garden,

Anyway on Saturday one of Sharron's work friends who is from Lithuania was bringing her sisters and cousin to ours for tea. On friday night 2 old friends of mine rang and asked if they could call in as they would be driving past of course we said yes so we hosted a tea party in the garden., a selection of fish paste or cucumber sandwiches and a fantastic Rhubarb cake baked by Sharron. We just needed the vicar to be there to make a truely traditional high tea!

We had to chase them off fairly early as we were getting up at 4am (yes thats 4am!) on Sunday morning. As part of the Village in Bloom events we had a Dawn Chorus birdwalk, amazingly we had 15 people turn out .It was a really good walk hearing a total of 24 bird species and ending up at the village hall for bacon rolls.

After the walk I had a nice doze in the garden waking to the sound of a Cuckoo, the first I have heard this year.


  1. Fabulous Iris, and what a wonderful way to spend the day. Rhubarb cakes sounds delish, can I have the recipe?

    Day break is such a good time to get out and see the birds, but also the light is amazing if you want atmospheric photos too. I haven't seen 4am in a very long time as a time to get up, but frequently awake that time of day from the day before.

  2. I enjoyed your post, Gary. You must have good self discipline to be able to go to be in time to get up that early!

  3. Thank you very much for the wonderful afternoon in your garden. Your plants, chickens, dog impressed me much. Thank your for your hospitality!

  4. Garden tea party at your garden! How far is Cambridgeshire from India? LOL! Don't they have buses? Too bad :(
    But hey, the photos keep me content. I see you're a great host! Anyways, good that India's far away, as I'm not so good a guest. :D


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